5 Reasons why your skin needs a facial oil.

5 Reasons why your skin needs a facial oil.

How Skin Works

Let's get an understanding of skin to truly appreciate the benefits of facial oils.

Skin is designed to protect our skin and body from the outside environment, we refer to this function as the skin barrier function.  The skin barrier is designed to be impermeable, meaning it keeps water in and bacteria and harmful microorganisms out and protects against ultraviolet light.  

Skin does its job through its three layers of skin:

Outer layer: Epidermis

The  skin acts like a brick wall, the bricks are the skin cells made of proteins, held together with mortar being the skin lipids (oils) comprised of fatty acids, ceramides and cholesterol.  Lipids are essentially the skins natural oils and play a key role in the skin barrier function and also in keeping skin strong, supple, and hydrated. 

Middle layer: Dermis

A thick layer consisting mostly of collagen and elastin, its role is to provide physical and nutritional support to the epidermis. 

Bottom Layer: Subcataneous Layer

This layer is made of fat, held together by connective tissue. It is where new skin cells and lipids are created, eventually migrating to the top layer.

We can see that lipids (oils) are present in every layer of skin and are crucial to its function and its outermost appearance.

The importance of Lipids in our skin

As we age the amounts of lipids in our skin decrease, especially after the age of 40.  This is why as we age our skin gets drier.    

Harsh cleansers, environmental stressors like pollution, extreme temperatures and over exfoliating will also decreases our lipids.  A decrease in lipids means our skin loses water (hydration), becoming dry and allowing irritants and allergens to better penetrate the skin which triggers inflammation.  Inflammation manifests as acne, dermatitis and blemishes.

What facial oil does for our skin that no other ingredient can:

  1. Facial oils supply lipids to the skin to protect, strengthen and maintain its lipid barrier. Strengthening the skin barrier function keeps water in and blocks harmful external influence.  A strong skin barrier function also accelerates the skin’s natural healing and repairing process.
  1. Facial oils help to balance the skin’s oil production, this is beneficial for dry and oily skin types. Oil does not make oily skin oilier, oils that are non-comedogenic(don’t block pores) and high in essential fatty acids will aid oily skin, as they normalise oil production.
  1. Facial oils break up congestion in the skin, because lipids dissolve lipids. They unclog pores keeping skin clear, helping to shrink pores.
  1. Facial oils are 100% active, containing antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating compounds. They have an instant effect on the skin, plumping, nourishing and revitalising the skin.
  1. Our skin needs essential fatty acids(EFA) also known as linoleic acid a polyunsaturated fatty acid necessary for normal skin function and optimal appearance. Our body cannot make EFA’s it needs to be ingested or topically applied.  This linoleic acid is contained in select oils.

The Evidence

In a series of studies starting in 1929 conducted by George and Mildred Burr they proved that EFA’s were a necessity for skin to heal and look good.  They make a significant improvement to the skin barrier function.  They proved that without any intake of EFA’s skin inflammation resulted that eventually caused dermatitis.  In particular they noted an increase in EFA intake including topical application increased the skins ability to protect from photo-damage and photo-aging.

OMORPHIS Facial Oils

Omorphis facial oils are formulated with oils that are high in EFA’s and are also non-comedogenic.  We know that oils high in EFA’s provide the greatest benefit to the skin, delivering instant results. 

All the oils composed in our two facial oils are extracted with little or no heat and without any other refining process, leaving them in their pure natural state, so their nutritional content is maximised.  They are referred to as virgin oils as they are untouched.  The process of further processing and refining oils is done to eliminate the oils natural pungent smell and improve it’s aesthetic appearance. 

At OMORPHIS we embrace nature for all that it is, knowing that it is these unique characteristics that have the ability to heal skin.

Our facial oils restore your skins natural lipids and strengthen its barrier function for it to effectively keep skin hydrated and luminous. 

Flourish with OMORPHIS.