Creating beauty naturally: The case for 100% natural and organic skincare.

Creating beauty naturally: The case for 100% natural and organic skincare.

Synthetic vs natural ingredients.

Let’s firstly define natural and synthetic. Natural ingredients are obtained from plants and processed physically with no added chemicals whereas synthetic ingredients are made in a lab from chemicals.

Plants, just like us, are living organisms and therefore have an energetic life force that works in synergy with our cells to heal, nurture and renew. Synthetic ingredients are created to mimic nature but have no energetic life force and no nutrition. Synthetic ingredients may give a one-off improvement in our skin on application, but natural ingredients keep benefiting skin over the long term as they contain a multitude of nutrients. Our skin just like our body requires constant nutrition to be at its best.

Not all natural ingredients are created equal.

There are generally three categories of natural ingredients for skincare:

Organic ingredients: Are derived from plants that are cultivated, without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals. Studies have confirmed that the nutritional profile of an organic plant is up to two and three times greater than a plant cultivated with chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Not all organic farmers choose to be ‘certified organic’.

Wild Harvested Ingredients: Are derived from plants that are grown in their natural habitat without human intervention. They have been exposed to natural environmental stressors such as insects, winds, flooding or drought and because of this their nutritional profile is maximised and ultimately enhancing their therapeutic properties. It is similar to an animal that has been raised in a zoo compared to an animal that has grown in the wild, the animal in the wild is stronger in every way. For this reason we believe wild harvested ingredients are superior to organic ingredients.

Natural ingredients: Are derived from plants that are not organic or wild-harvested but have generally been cultivated using chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Why are chemicals bad?  

Chemical fertilizers and pesticides destroy the soil in which plants grow, soil provides important minerals and nutrients to the plants, so ultimately their nutritional value is decreased and the plant becomes contaminated.

Research has confirmed traces of chemicals from fertilisers and pesticides end up in the products that are produced from these plants. These chemical pesticides harm humans as they have been created to kill living organisms. They have been linked to a range of serious illnesses and diseases from respiratory problems to cancer. If you’re exposing your skin to chemicals regularly over a long period, you are ultimately putting your health at risk.

Natural ingredients used by OMORPHIS.

At OMORPHIS we use 100% nature derived ingredients primarily from wild harvested and organic cultivation. We go beyond certification labels, we look at the country of origin and their farming practices. Our ingredients are tested to ensure no chemical presence, ensuring we are using the purest ingredients available, whether they are certified or not.

We believe in the synergy of nature and humanity. Nature is constantly renewing and providing, allowing us to sustainably access her gifts to amplify our skins own miraculous power to renew.